OPA Underwriting Mining & Trading Mining Rule

Option Panda is a decentralized option underwriting & trading platform. It offers OPA as incentives for option underwriters and traders who engage with the platform.
150,000,000 OPA is allocated for option underwriters & 50,000,000 OPA is allocated for option traders.

1. Underwriting Mining

  • Each block's OPA emission rate is 10,
  • All Option Underwriters receive OPA allocation based on the proportion of their contribution in the option underwriting pool. The call option underwriting pool and the put option underwriting pool for each underlying asset will each receive a 50% OPA allocation;
  • OPA is distributed across each option underlying asset based on its weight. At the beginning, BTCB/ETH/BNB each has a weight of 10;
Taking Binance Smart Chain as an example, assuming we have 3 underlying asset option underwriting pairs: BTCB/Usdt, ETH/Usdt and BNB/Usdt. As 10 OPA will be mined each block, Call Pool and Put Pool each will get 5 OPA allocation. For the BTCB/Usdt option underwriting trading pair, there are a total of 10*10/(10+10+10)=3.3335 OPA for allocation per block. According to the allocation rule, 50%(1.667 OPA) of them are allocated to BTCB/Usdt call option underwriting pool contributors, and 50%(1.667 OPA) to BTCB/Usdt put option underwriting pool contributors.
If one more underlying asset like LINK is added, and the weight of underlying asset has become BTCB:ETH:BNB:LINK= 10:10:10:20, then the OPA emission rate before the 3,000,001th block will be look like the following:

2. Trading Mining

The team will airdrop a total of 50,000,000 OPA to all Option Buyer addresses that have previously generated transaction records. The airdrop will start after the official launch of Option Panda, which will be processed in several batches.