2. What is the roadmap of Option Panda?

At its initial launch, Option Panda will focus on providing traditional cryptocurrency (BTCB/ETH/BNB etc.) option trading on Binance Smart Chain, with gradual listing of more underlying assets. In 2021, we’ll support synthetic asset option underwriting and add CBBC(Callable Bull/Bear Contracts), which is a variant of options, to expand the product line.
It’s also a work in progress to support Ethereum Optimistic Rollup network, Polygon(previously Matic) network etc., for users of those public chains to trade options. Integration and combination with other decentralized asset trading platforms or protocols are also under rigorous consideration. Option Panda is gonna evolve to a composable exotic derivatives trading platform. We will listen to the community’s opinion and let the community vote to decide the future direction of Option Panda.